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[Sarawak] Land of the Hornbill

22 Jan

Hello! I am in Kuching right now attending the #IHBtwtup or known as I heart Borneo. It is basically a project by the twitter and blogging community to promote unity among Borneo and peninsular Malaysia. The tweetup is held at Bing!, Hills Shopping Mall. So if you are around the corner, do drop by. My [...]

[Rome] Malaysian Living the Roman Dream!

23 Dec

Walking through the streets of Las Vegas. Climbing Mount Kinabalu. Dreaming about your next beach vacation in Maldives. Enjoying your sushi at the streets of Japan. I went board on an adventure a few weeks back exploring through city of ancient Rome. A place filled with history and pretty Italian girls. During my visit to [...]

[Budapest] Top of Budapest

21 Dec

Today was one great day! I walked for one hour from my hotel to Margaret Island. It is basically a huge park on an island. Nothing spectacular. If you are a park go-er, it is very beautiful. Sadly it is winter now, so all you see is snow everywhere. They have a japanese garden in [...]

[Budapest] Hungaryyyy

20 Dec

Hello. It has been a long day and I am tired. Before I go to bed, I shall do a short blog post on where I visited today. In today’s menu, I visited Castle Hill which is basically a castle on top of a hill. There are 2 ways of you going to up the [...]

[Budapest] Hungry Hungarian

19 Dec

Szia! Today I took an 8 hour train ride from Prague to Budapest and it was great! All you see is snow throughout the whole journey. As soon as I reached Budapest earlier in the evening, I went to have dinner at a Hungarian Restaurant. I can say the way they prepare their dish and [...]