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XiangCool Pool Party & AzrinVid #3

13 Feb

Yesterday I went to Xiang’s birthday party at Bukit Jalil. Pool party to be exact. That means there will be people, food, drinks and water. During the party, I managed to throw JonYKT and followed by Bboyrice into the pool. Both of them then tried carrying, pulling, dragging and every act you can think off [...]

AzrinVid #2 : Chinese New Year Edition

5 Feb

Hello, here is the latest video of AzrinVid. Would like to thank Mynjayz and JonYKT for helping me out in this video. Do rate, comment, like/dislike and lastly, subscribe! Lastly Happy Chinese New Year Since its Chinese New Year, let me share with you guys some of the food that I ate

AzrinVid #1

31 Jan

Ola! This morning I did a vlog or a video blog. Basically its me talking in front of the camera about anything that I think off. The video you are about to watch is AzrinVid Episode #1. It is about events that have happened in the past few days and weeks like my birthday, trip [...]